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Grim Dawn, a Diablo competitor with a 93% rating on Steam, will get a ton of new features in update


November 12, 2023, 11:26 am

The extremely popular action RPG Grim Dawn will soon receive a massive update. The patch number is intended to “initiate a new era” of the game before the release of the Fangs of Asterkarn expansion.

Photo source: Crate Entertainment


We bring good news for all fans Grim Dawn. On November 16, the popular action RPG from Crate Entertainment will receive update According to the information provided by the developers via Steam, the patch will introduce a lot of changes and novelties to the game, affecting not only the gameplay itself, but also the visual layer and modding functions. Here are a few of them:

  1. Updated Normal and Elite level scaling – only selected areas are scaled to level 100 in Normal mode, and all areas are scaled in Elite mode.
  2. Reworked loot values ​​and drop rates – the chance of the enemy dropping items has been reduced by 30-60%. To compensate for this, the quality of loot and the amount of iron dropped have been significantly increased.
  3. Dodge function added – the skill assigned to the spacebar by default interrupts any other action to immediately jump back in the selected direction, offering a short window of invincibility.
  4. Health and energy potions removed – the player’s character only has basic potions that do not need to be stored in the inventory.
  5. New accessibility features have been added – if necessary, players can, among others: turn off the fog and the day and night cycle (noon will be set by default), or start the cooldown timer.
  6. Increased the file size of community-created maps – modders can design maps with a maximum size of 4 GB (previously it was 2 GB).

The above list is only a small fraction of the changes that will occur Grim Dawn will be introduced in the upcoming update. If you want to know the details of the patch, please visit this page pages.

The developers assure that the update “will usher in a new era” in the game before next year’s premiere addition Fangs of Asterkarn. Considering the creators’ involvement in the nearly 8-year-old title, it is not surprising that the production enjoys such a great reputation among gamers. At the time of writing this message Grim Dawn it boasts as many as 86,824 ratings on Steam, of which as many as 93% (81,308) are positive reviews.

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