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Góra Kalwaria. He jumped out of the building, bled, screamed “help”, and died. Manhunt


In Góra Kalwaria (Masovian Voivodeship), a man jumped out of a window on the ground floor of a block of flats. According to witnesses, he screamed “help” and had a deep wound. Resuscitation was unsuccessful. – The search for the person who was with him in the apartment is ongoing – the tvnwarszawa.pl reporter found out.

The incident took place in one of the blocks of flats at Księdza Zygmunta Sajny Street. – According to witnesses, a 47-year-old man jumped out of the window of the apartment on the high ground floor. According to neighbors, he was wearing shorts and a short-sleeved T-shirt and shouted “help”, Artur Węgrzynowicz, a reporter for tvnwarszawa.pl, found out.

– His neighbors gave him first aid. The man had a deep cut wound. Despite long resuscitation efforts, his life could not be saved – our reporter added.

Roundup in Góra Kalwaria

Police technicians and a prosecutor are working on site, from the backyard. – The window from which the man jumped is still open. There is blood on both the sidewalk and the windowsill – our reporter described.

He also noted that the search is ongoing for the person who was in the apartment with the deceased man at the time of the incident. There are many police cars and foot patrols throughout the city.

“The case is criminal in nature”

We asked the Metropolitan Police Headquarters about the matter. – At 12.28 we received a report about a man who fell out of a window in Góra Kalwaria. Despite the resuscitation, the man died – said Bartłomiej Śniadała from the press department of the Warsaw Police Headquarters.

– Police officers carry out their activities on site under the supervision of the prosecutor. Preliminary findings indicate that the incident is of a criminal nature, he added.

Main photo source: Artur Węgrzynowicz, tvnwarszawa.pl


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