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Google with a new feature. I promise you will become addicted to it


Gmail is one of the most frequently chosen mailboxes today. However, like any other service of this type, it may have problems with annoying marketing messages. Fortunately, Google knows this and wants to remedy it. The new feature makes it easier to get rid of spam.

Gmail with a valuable new feature

Often, the unsubscribe button is deliberately made as small as possible so that it is difficult for users to notice. This can be especially bothersome on small smartphone screens. That’s why the latest version of Gmail introduces an option that will make it much easier.

The new version of the application has a new feature, thanks to which the unsubscribe button from a given e-mail subscription will be placed at the very top of the message. This way you won’t have to look for it at the very bottom, among the content written in the smallest font. Gmail is probably scanning the message and automatically looking for an option to unsubscribe.

The feature is available in the latest version of the Gmail app, but it doesn’t work for everyone yet. We probably have to wait a few more weeks for that. New things should be introduced in waves.

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