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Google deletes inactive accounts. How to keep your Google account


As previously announced, Google will begin purging selected user accounts of its services from December 2023. In this way, the company wants to increase network security. Check what you need to know.

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At the beginning of December, new rules related to inactive accounts will come into force Google. They are to be particularly vulnerable to hacker attacks. Accounts that have been inactive for the last two years are subject to cleaver, with a few exceptions.

Google deletes accounts

About the tech giant’s plan We have already informed on INNPoland and his plans have not changed – accounts with no activity for a period of two years will be deleted.

However, you should not be nervous, because even if something like this happened to us, we should receive an e-mail with appropriate information before Decemberand. First of all, if you use Google accounts occasionally, you don’t have to worry about being suddenly cut off from services.

It doesn’t take much to keep your account inactive either. Just visit it before it is deleted and use any Google service – you can even read the e-mail, including the warning one. We can also use the search engine while logged in or watch the movie on YouTube.


There are a few exceptions to the rule. These will definitely be accounts on YouTube. Google wants to respect the platform’s users’ sentiment towards older videos, so cute cats on the Internet aren’t going anywhere, even if the account owner hasn’t posted anything new there for more than two years.

The block will only apply to personal accounts and will not affect organizations.

Nothing new

This is a regular practice for the giant. Until now, inactive accounts were cleared of their content, including if the suspension was due to their capacity being full. This change in policy was announced already in 2020 year. Business Alphabet was already preparing for changes in the rules on the data storage market.

In addition, inactive accounts do not send notifications about other users logging in and often lack two-step verification.

Google recently raised the alarm about a problem with older software during the rollout new service for Chromewhich is to inform us whether the installed plug-ins in the browser are up to date.

Chrome Web Store, the official Google browser extensions site, is packed to the brim with all kinds of useful tools. From spell checking plugins, making it easier to work with AI to tour operators. Many of them have access to the content we create and review, and most importantly – to confidential data such as passwords or credit card numbers.

Just getting into the extension’s security holes is painful, and then there are the completely malicious bastards, impersonating professional-looking applications.

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