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Goa CM is clearing the air of plastic rice, and says it will be more expensive to produce than real rice


PANAJI, May 17 (IANS) Goa Chief Minister Pramod Sawant on Wednesday cleared the air of “plastic rice” supplies, saying “it will be more expensive to produce plastic rice than to produce real rice.”

With the incident of the Civil Supply Administration, which supplies worm-infested rice to ration card holders with larvae, moths, and fungi, a rumor spread that even plastic rice was supplied to some fair-priced store. However, after the idol was verified by the Food and Drug Administration, the government refuted the claims of providing plastic rice.

“We have checked the rice. It is not made of plastic. It cannot be plastic. Hence those who ‘speak’ must speak responsibly and those who ‘write’ must check before writing. Because it creates confusion in people’s minds. Indeed, It will be more expensive to produce plastic rice than to produce real rice.

He denied allegations that “plastic” rice was being supplied by affordable stores.

Sawant also said that it is false propaganda and hence no confusions should be created.

What is referred to as plastic rice, Sawant said, is actually “bonded rice.”

“It is approved by the Food Corporation of India, and only then is it supplied through the Public Distribution System,” Sawant said.

Civil Supplies Minister Ravi Naik said action will be taken against officers responsible for supplying spoiled rice.

Naik also refuted the allegations of providing plastic rice to people. “Does anyone eat plastic?” he asked.

Opposition parties in Goa have targeted the BJP government over the issue, alleging that it has failed to provide quality rice to the public.

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