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Glinka boasted about her child. Now she received such news from her ex-husband


Katarzyna Glinka she won the hearts of viewers thanks to the role of Kasia Górka in the TVP2 series “Colors of Happiness”. In addition to being an actress and social media celebrity, she is the mother of two sons. The actress has 11-year-old Filip from her relationship with Przemysław Gołdon, and 3.5-year-old Leon from her relationship with Jarosław Bieniecki. The younger son did not cope well with the separation of his parents, who were actually on the verge of getting married.

“It’s over. They broke up. Kasia was deeply affected by the breakdown of her first marriage, she wanted to have a real family, stability and a partner who would help raise her older son Filip and be a devoted father to Leo. She was really disappointed. She wanted a stable life, but it didn’t work out,” said a friend of the couple in “Super Express” in 2022.

Fortunately, the situation between the former partners has calmed down and they no longer have any grudges against each other. According to an informant from “ShowNews”, “Jarek respected the needs of his son and Kasia. He calmed down the situation, promised support and kept his words. There are no regrets or quarrels today.”

After healing her heart after her would-be husband, the actress surprised everyone with mysterious information. In his video With tears in her eyes, Glinka suggested that she was pregnant: “I always dreamed of a daughter… Now my dreams will come true”. However, this is not the end of surprising information.

It turned out that Katarzyna Glinka’s ex-husband Przemysław Gołdon invited her… to his wedding. It must be admitted that the actress must have a really good relationship with him. So far, in Polish show business, couples who get along well after a breakup are: Piotr Gąsowski and Hanna Śleszyńska, Jacek Rozenek and Małgorzata RozenekWhether Michał Wiśniewski with their ex-wives.

A mysterious tabloid informant claims that Katarzyna Glinka has one important feature that distinguishes her from other women. That’s why her ex-husband and partner stand behind her.

She is a really good and responsible motherthat cultivates traditional values ​​and raises children wisely. Her older son is a top student at school, and her younger son is already following in his footsteps. Even though things were tense, the boys were never against their fathers – said the actress’ friend in an interview with ShowNews.pl.


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