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Former US first lady Rosalynn Carter has died


On Friday, the Carter Center announced that the former US first lady was under hospice care. In May, Rosalynn Carter was diagnosed with dementia. In February, the Carter Center reported that the former president would be under hospice care after a series of “short hospital stays.” As noted, Jimmy Carter, then 98, wanted to spend the time he had left at home with his family rather than undergo “additional medical interventions.”

Jimmy Carter is the 39th president of the United States, serving from 1977 to 1981. In the 1980 United States presidential election, Carter lost his re-election bid to Republican Party candidate Ronald Reagan. At that time, Reagan gained 489 electoral votes and won in 44 states, Carter secured 49 electoral votes, won in six states and Washington (District of Columbia).

After Jimmy Carter ceased to be president, the former first couple traveled to hot spots in the world, such as Cuba, Sudan and North Korea, observed elections and contributed to the fight against tropical diseases. In 2022, Jimmy Carter was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

“Steel Magnolia”

As first lady, Rosalynn Carter focused on efforts to reform care for people suffering from mental disorders. At her request, the president submitted a project to establish a Mental Health Commission, which was established by a resolution of Congress in 1980. Rosalynn Carter also advocated for increasing the number of women in public administration.

Due to her involvement during the election campaign, Jimmy Carter’s wife was nicknamed “Steel Magnolia” in the press.


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