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Flashlight trick. It’s trivial and your smartphone will change beyond recognition


It cannot be denied that smartphones have made great progress in the field of night photos. Frame combining techniques and increasingly improved optics are working, but you can’t beat physics. When there is no light, things will never be good.

Blind Spot Gear, a startup from Glasgow, argues that the problem of taking photos in the dark can be solved with a simple accessory. Lumicard, because that’s what we’re talking about here set of illuminating diodes mounted to the phone using magnets or adhesives.

Payment card for photographers

The reference to the card here is not accidental. The device resembles a payment card in many respects, with its characteristics dimensions 85 x 54 mm and only 3 mm thick. It weighs little, only 27 g.

The entire surface of the gadget is placed 24 LEDs that together generate a luminous flux comparable to a 40-watt bulb (500 lumens). According to the creators, this allows you to photograph single objects in complete darkness, and unlike the diodes used by default in phones, it does not generate reflections.

Like in daylight. Always

The effect has to be very natural because the color temperature is comparable to natural daylight – 5600 K. The TV lighting consistency index, i.e. the so-called TLCI. It is 97.

Although smartphones have revolutionized photography, inadequate and unavailable lighting solutions prevent users from fully realizing their creative vision. LumiCard eliminates the limitations of portable lighting, providing unrivaled quality that fits perfectly in your wallet

– encourages Billy Campbell, founder of Blind Spot Gear.

Lumicard is equipped with USB-C socket, so it can be powered directly from the smartphone. Gadget prices they start at $50. (approx. PLN 207), depending on additional equipment, including, among others: case and cables. Orders can be placed via the project’s Kickstarter page.


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