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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth in new shots. The game looks great – Square Enix reveals details


In 101 days, the next part of Final Fantasy VII Remake will premiere. The game is coming exclusively to PlayStation 5, so the Japanese manufacturer is already starting to promote the game. We learned the latest details of the title and watch the next scenes.

In 2023, two large Square Enix productions will be released exclusively for PS5 (Final Fantasy XVI) or for PS5 and PC (Forspoken). Even before the end of the year, developers are sharing more information about the next production from the Final Fantasy universe.

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Square Enix released a trailer last week summarizing the events of Final Fantasy VII Remake and preparing for Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, but this is not the end of the information.

The creators admitted that the world of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth consists of “many regions”, and each of them received a unique environment. Players will go to Halcyon, which is protected from the outside world by a solid stone wall, and there will also be a Mithril mine, where we will travel through tunnels where raw materials were once mined and now inhabited by monsters.

The game will feature a new exploration system – Chadley needs information about the world, so he will ask the characters to travel around different regions and discover them. As a result, we will gain points that will allow us to create new, useful materials.

Square Enix has also prepared Chocobo boutiques located on the ranches – players will be able to change the appearance of their pets.

In Final Fantasy VII Rebirth we will be able to choose two fighting styles and two difficulty levels that directly affect the gameplay:

  • Fighting Styles – “Active” mode gives players complete control over their character’s every move, enabling advanced strategies. “Classic” mode automates basic character actions, giving you time to focus on choosing a specific command.
  • Difficulty Levels – “Easy” difficulty allows you to focus on the story rather than the battles, while “Normal” provides a reasonable challenge for most audiences. On the newly added “Dynamic” difficulty level, enemies become stronger along with your characters – perfect for players who crave constant challenge.


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