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Few people know who her first husband was. They got married in Las Vegas




Anna Wendzikowska has several serious relationships, but only one marriage. Even before she turned thirty, the star managed to say “yes”. Who was her chosen one? She spoke about him several times in interviews. Did you know?

Anna Wendzikowska

has a weakness for cinema and traveling. In her professional work, she has often combined both of these passions. The journalist started exploring the world even before she became recognizable. She trained her craft while studying in London. It was in England that she met her first and only husband.

Was it Christopher Combe?

Who was Anna Wendzikowska’s first husband?

The Sunday publication of Anna Wendzikowska’s interview with Journalist made the journalist famous again. Much of this is due to the former TVN star, who admitted during the conversation that she had cheated on her partners due to her low self-esteem.


Anna Wendzikowska recalls CHEATING on her partners: “It’s an important element in the process of LOVING YOURSELF”

Pudelek decided to remind you that Mime was the first and (so far) only husband of the star. As the man’s name itself indicates, Wendzikowska’s chosen one did not come from Poland. But he wasn’t British either. Greek and American blood flowed in him.

The couple got married twice in 2007.

First in Las Vegas, then in Poland. However, their love did not stand the test of time and differences in temperaments. Three years later, Wendzikowska and Combe decided to divorce.

When I was 25, I met Christopher in London. He was half Greek, half American, so we got married in an Orthodox church.

I thought I would stay in England permanently, but it turned out that the Polish and Greek-American temperaments did not match well

– she later recalled in an interview with “Flesz”.


Wendzikowska admits to betrayal. What words

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Anna Wendzikowska reveals whether men are afraid of her. We know if she’s busy!


Anna Wendzikowska’s love life

Although more than a dozen years have passed since their breakup, the journalist still has sentimental feelings for her first husband’s homeland. He does not hide the fact that he loves Greece and is happy to return there. Two years ago, Wendzikowska vacationed in Santorini with her daughters, Kornelia and Antonina.

The star’s older daughter, Kornelia, is the result of her relationship with Patryk Ignaczak. The couple met in 2014 – 2015. Then Jan Bazyl, Antonina’s father, stole her heart.

Unfortunately, both relationships broke up shortly after the children were born.

Currently, Wendzikowska does not reveal whether there is a man in her life. Despite media coverage on her account, the journalist likes to keep some privacy to herself.

Source: pudelek.pl

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