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Fans filed a lawsuit against F1. They demand large compensation


Press materials / Red Bull / In the photo: street track in Las Vegas

Łukasz Kuczera

F1 fans saw little racing in practice for the Las Vegas GP on Friday. It was all because of a loose sewer manhole that broke down Carlos Sainz’s car. Fans feel aggrieved and are suing Formula 1 for the way they were treated.

A prominent Nevada law firm has initiated legal action against Formula 1 and the organizer Las Vegas Grand Prix. He is demanding compensation exceeding PLN 30,000. dollars per fan, divided in an “equal and fair” manner. This is the aftermath of the events of Carlos Sainz starring.

Driver Ferrari he hit a loose sewer manhole in the first training session, which damaged his car. As a result, the session lasted only eight minutes, because the judges stopped the competition and ordered an inspection of all manholes on the racing line. This delayed the start of the second training session, to which no fans were allowed at all.

Fans could not watch the second session before the Las Vegas GP from the stands, which started at 2.30 and lasted until 4.00 local time. F1 said it had to play training without fans for logistical reasons and local labor regulations. For this reason, the Dimopoulos law firm, in cooperation with JK Legal & Consulting, filed a class action lawsuit against F1 and the Las Vegas GP.

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The lawsuit highlights “breach of contract,” “negligence” and “deceptive trade practices.” “We will defend the rights of fans who traveled great distances and paid a fortune to attend this weekend but were deprived of that experience,” said lawyer Steve Dimopoulos.

Lawyers also criticize F1 for the fact that work on the street track in Las Vegas lasted almost until the very end and mistakes were made. They pointed out that the sewage manholes were being concreted this week and that they had not been properly tested.

“Formula 1 and its contractors and safety organizations had an obligation to inspect the track to ensure that the facility was safe for drivers and ready for the race,” it noted. “F1 did not detect the defect and the poor installation of the manhole cover, nor did it ensure that the track was properly prepared for the race,” it added.

It is worth adding that after the events of Friday’s training before the Las Vegas GP, F1 decided to offer each fan a compensation of $200. They can be spent in the online store on gadgets related to the race in the “city of sins”. However, this amount does not convince the law firm, which demands at least PLN 30,000. dollars.

– We cannot comment on this lawsuit. “We are focused on providing our fans with entertainment in a safe environment, which is always our top priority,” said a GP Las Vegas spokesperson.

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