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Falaq Naaz on Rakshabandhan plans: Have been telling Sheezan to bring me something good as gift


Mumbai, Aug 29 (IANS) Television actress Falaq Naaz is too excited to celebrate Rakshabandhan with Sheezan Khan and said that she wants something good as a gift from him.

Falaq said: “He is my younger brother, and our bond is very strong. We are very close with each other. I always say my mom is my backbone and Sheezan is my heart. I believe a good bond with siblings is a must.

“They are the ones with whom you can fight, cry, and share everything. And the best thing about him is that he is a very good listener, won’t judge you, tries to help you by finding a solution, and also never leaves anyone’s side. Our common areas of interest are music and travelling.”

Talking about Raksha Bandhan this year, she added: “Just like every year, we will tie rakhi to our brothers, and I have been telling Sheezan to bring me something good as a gift (laughs) and then just spend a fun, peaceful day with them. I have one memory that I remember, once I got so busy on Raksha Bandhan that I didn’t have time to tie a rakhi, and Sheezan was waiting the whole day for me. So he got very upset because I came home late, and then I tied him a rakhi. But now I make sure to keep my time for my family and celebrate it with them only.”

Falaq believes that life is all about loving your family.

“I think without family, the individual has no base. No matter how many friends you have or wherever you go, your family will understand you the way no one else can,” she says.


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