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Faker for the fourth time. T1 wins Worlds 2023!


Weibo Gaming 0:3 T1

Faker and T1 with their fourth championship

Weibo Gaming started the final series by fighting on the blue side, thanks to the drawn selection privilege. Although in most games it was the teams playing as blue that triumphed, this was not visible in the first two games of the decisive match. Faker and his team had virtually no problem to quickly add two points to their account. In the first battle, we saw a lot of problems with the mechanical skills of some T1 players. But that didn’t change anything about the advantage. The hosts dominated on every level. A particularly big difference was made by the outstanding performance of Choi “Zeus” Woo-je, who destroyed Kang “TheShya” Seung-lok in the top lane. Besides, it didn’t look any different in the second game, because the 24-year-old was beaten even more by his younger compatriot. As a result, after two very one-sided fights, T1 already secured a match point.

In the third match, there were some changes, especially in terms of the WBG draft, which finally decided to completely modify its composition. And in fact, for some time it was clear that something was moving, because the beginning looked really good for Yang “Daeny” Dae-in’s players. However, at the beginning it was only over. T1 once again began to find much better trades for themselves, and TheShy still fell short against Zeus. And this is how, suddenly, the runners-up of LoL Champions Korea took a huge lead, additionally gaining the Baron buff. Together with him, they set about breaking down hostile structures and increasing the difference in funds. In the 24th minute, T1 annihilated their opponents, and immediately after that they added the Soul of the Ocean Dragon. With this set, we managed to close the battle during the next attack. Faker and the entire T1 officially became world champions for the fourth time!

Final Worlds 2023 standings:

1. T1 $445,000
2. Weibo Gaming $333,750
3-4. Bilibili Gaming, JD Gaming $178,000
5-8. Gen.G Esports, kt Rolster, LNG Esports, NRG $100,125
9-11. Dplus KIA, Fnatic, G2 Esports $72,312.50
12-14. Cloud9, MAD Lions, GAM Esports $61,187.50
15-16. Team BDS, Team Liquid $50,062.50
17-18. PSG Talon, Team Whales $38,937.50
19-20. CTBC Flying Oyster, LOUD $33,375
21-22. DetonatioN FocusMe, Movistar R7 $22,250

Worlds 2023


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