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Elections 2023: Prime Minister at the “Siarkopol” Chemical Plant. “No to sales”


– A visit to Siarkopol in Tarnobrzeg should be recommended to all politicians. I invite all politicians hereall the options, all the lots to see how important it is to respect national propertyand not sell it, said the Prime Minister.

Prime Minister at the “Siarkopol” Chemical Plant. “Respect national property”

– “Siarkopol” was in state of liquidation during the times of the Civic Platform. As I was talking to the management here a moment ago, employment was decreasing, but individual elements of assets were still there sold out. The Law and Justice government stopped this process of selling national assets in 2016 and 2017 and we started investing in a company that will soon celebrate its 70th anniversary, a company with traditions, with products that are today exported to countries such as Germany, Switzerland or Austria. It can be said that a significant part of the production is exported, which proves that competitiveness of this plant – described the head of the Polish government during his visit.

– How did it happen that this happened? Tusk’s policy – sales policy, unemployment policy – over 2.3 million people, starvation wage policy – We reversed that bad trend on the labor market? We replaced that law of the fist, the law of the jungle, with investing in national wealth. “Siarkopol” here in Tarnobrzeg is the best example of this.

– That’s why, at the beginning of my statement, I invited politicians of all stripes here – so you can see. Because and Left he has something to explain here, hitting his chestespecially of course Civil Platform. If you want to take care of people, look at how you invest in property – not sell it.

Prime Minister on seniority pensions and investment policy

– At the same time, we also fulfilled an element that was among the 21 demands of Solidarity – internship pensions for hard-working people who often did physical work – got up at dawn, built our homeland for 10 years. For men who have worked for 43 years and for women who have worked for 38 years, we have offered seniority pensions that are well calculated in the context of our budget. This is another thing that can be done because we chased away the VAT mafiasthat we have repaired the public finance system, the Prime Minister told the audience.

– Hence our social policy. Hence investment policy in such plants, like this, and not the sale of national assets. Tusk sold out the cable car to Kasprowy Wierch, the cable car to Gubałówka, and liquidated “Siarkopol” year after year. Fewer and fewer employees, worse and worse prospects. This is the liberal thing law of the jungle, which I warn against. Let us all beware of such an approach to the labor market, warned Morawiecki.

– A few days ago in Ełk I had the opportunity to meet the residents and I also found a group there our opponents. I talked to two of them and they told me that they were against 500+ – they were supporters of the Civic Platform – they were against 500+, 13th and 14th pensions. They are against our social policy. I ask why? Because she destroys the labor market. Dear compatriots, I want to tell you that this month we have… record on the labor market – over 17 million people employed in the labor market. This has never happened – said the PiS politician.

Prime Minister Morawiecki: Tusk’s propaganda is getting into people’s heads

– See how Tusk’s propaganda it goes deep into people’s heads. These people certainly want good for Poland. If so, why did they believe in these? nonsensethat ours social policy distracts people from the labor market? It does not distract us because we have a record on the labor market – a record on the labor market also because we saved enterprises such as Siarkopol in Tarnobrzeg. We saved it and we are proud of it – noted the Prime Minister.

“No” to sales, “yes” to investment. “No” to starvation wages. “no” to unemployment, which pushed people to… asparagus near Berlin, for a dishwasher to Western Europe. Only here job creation. And this is mine commitment towards all our compatriots – said Morawiecki.

– If they trust us, we will continue to create jobs, and they will increase the salaries of our employees. This is the heart of government policy Law and Justice – the highest possible salaries, as many jobs as possible – emphasized Morawiecki, and then referred again to Donald Tusk.

Stop Tusk’s unemployment, stop the Tusk sale. We will implement the economic policy that exists in the interest of the Polish state and in the interest of Polish women and men – concluded the head of government.

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