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Edyta Górniak hits Robert Kozyra. “He didn’t make an important positive mark in my life.”


Over the years Edyta Górniak she was linked to many men. The diva dated, among others, Piotr Kraśko, Piotr Gembarowski, Dariusz Kordek and Dariusz Krupa.

Although today no one remembers it, the singer was also associated with Robert Kozyra. The artist and famous music critic created one of them over twenty years ago the most famous couples in Polish show business. The singer’s career was just getting to the next level, and something happened in her life real feeling.

Everything indicated that they were both made for each other. The lovers then gave a famous interview for the “Viva!” magazine, in which they told the story of their love.

“You were in London, I was in Warsaw. We didn’t see each other for three weeks. I couldn’t stand it any longer – the journalist recalled with emotion.

Although there was no indication of a crisis, After some time, the couple announced their separation. Then things started between the former lovers media scuffle.

Celebrities did not spare any sarcastic remarks They used every opportunity to make fun of each other. Robert Kozyra didn’t let go of his ex even after years – in 2012, he described Edyta Górniak’s latest album as “tiring”.

Even though a lot of time has passed since those events, it turns out that the former partner still wakes up Edyta Górniak has great emotions.

In a conversation with a reporter from Plotek, the singer answered what song she would dedicate to Robert Kozyra on the occasion of his 55th birthday.

“None. Robert Kozyra played a very bitter role in the lives of artists. I speak for many artists here. I didn’t know that he was already 55 years old, but one would expect that at such a point in his life he would mature and show a gentler face. Meanwhile, he recently attacked Julia Wieniawa in a very aggressive way, so time is not on his side “respect other people” – she replied ironically.

Then she added that although she did not wish the journalist any ill will, he was a man he was not remembered positively in her memories: :

“I wish him the best, of course, because I wish everyone the best: development, gentleness, goodness, inner happiness. If someone attacks, it means that he has not found this happiness. Happy people have no need to attack. However, I wouldn’t celebrate his birthday especially because it didn’t make an important positive mark in my life. Rather the opposite” – she summed up in the conversation.

As you can see, the former partner had to do it years ago it’s a real bummer for the singer.

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