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Duquette attacks a Hindu house of worship in Pakistan with ‘rocket launchers’


ISLAMABAD, July 16 (IANS) A gang of dacoits attacked – reportedly with “rocket launchers” – a place of worship belonging to members of the Hindu community of Kashmur in Sindh during the early hours of Sunday, media reports said.

The attackers attacked a house of worship and nearby homes belonging to the community under the jurisdiction of the Gospur Police Station. They fired indiscriminately, prompting the police unit led by Kashmore Kandkut SSP Irfan Samu, was reported by The Dawn to arrive on the scene.

The police official said the Duquets fired “rocket launchers” at the house of worship, which was closed during the attack. He added that it opens annually for religious services provided by the Baghran sect.

The suspects fled the scene after the attack. The Social Security Program said the police were conducting a search operation in the area.

SSP Sammo estimated that there were eight to nine armed men who were tracking them in the river areas.

Meanwhile, Dr. Suresh, a member of the Baghari community, said that the “rocket launchers” fired by the Dr. did not explode, and did not result in any loss of life.

He called on police to protect the community, saying the incident left residents in a state of panic, Dawn reported.

Meanwhile, the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) said it was alarmed by reports of “deterioration of law and order in Kashmur and Ghoteki districts of Sindh, where around 30 members of the Hindu community – including women and children – are allegedly being held hostage by gangs.” Organized crime,” Dawn reported.

“Moreover, we have received disturbing reports that these gangs have threatened to attack places of worship in the community using high-quality weapons,” the commission said, calling on the Sindh Ministry of Interior to investigate the matter without delay.

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