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Duda: I will certainly not veto laws that are good for Poland and Poles


“I will exercise my constitutional prerogatives and act as the president allows constitution. I have already used the veto many times. Now I will not hesitate to do so if I believe that those in power will try to violate constitutional norms, circumvent or bend the law in force in Poland. – said the president in an interview with the weekly.

He added that he would also guard “the most important achievements of the last eight years, including numerous social programs that have significantly improved the lives of Poles.” “I committed to this by standing for election and being elected twice. I received a strong mandate from Poles. I take my words and commitments extremely seriously.” – Andrzej Duda assured.

At the same time he emphasized that set good for Poland and Poles will certainly not be vetoed. “And I encourage those who take power to act and fulfill their election promises,” he added.

When asked about his decision to entrust Mateusz Morawiecki with the mission of forming the government, President Duda pointed out that representatives of the Civic Coalition, the Left and Third Way did not convince him that “it is worth giving up the good parliamentary tradition, according to which the victorious party is the first to be given the mission of forming a government.” “In the first step, we are talking about choosing the presidential candidate for prime minister. I am the president, but Donald Tusk is not my candidate for prime minister,” Andrzej Duda said.

As he said President in an interview, his role is neither to convince anyone to join any parliamentary coalition, nor to dissuade anyone from it. “This is a task for party leaders. I encourage, and I have been saying this consistently since 2020, to build a broad coalition of Polish issues around the topics most important to our homeland, such as family, security, work, investments and the dignity of Poland and Poles.” – said the president.

Referring to the meeting with the Speaker of the Sejm, Szymon Hołownia, the president said that the doors of the presidential palace are always open and he is ready to cooperate with the newly elected Sejm. He added: “At the same time, I expressed deep regret that a representative of the largest parliamentary club was not elected to the presidium of this chamber.”

President Duda emphasized that for him “the absolutely most important and fundamental issue is Poland’s security.” “This is the goal we are striving for. Ukraine’s support in the war with Russia results naturally from it,” he pointed out.

When asked about issues related to the military security of our country and whether he sees real threats in this matter, the president said that “there have already been announcements about Poland’s willingness to verify the arms contacts concluded by Poland, especially those with the Korean industry.” “If someone thinks about saving money in very dangerous times by stopping the modernization of the Polish army and breaks these contracts, which would probably cost Poland dearly, it could significantly weaken the security of our country” – said Duda.

He also assured that he “continuously” supports Poland’s membership in the European Union. “It is in our interest. (…) However, we want a Community that respects the sovereignty of member states. One that we joined. And we should fight for such a Union on its forum. In the interest of Poland and Europe,” President Duda said in an interview with the weekly. “Networks”.


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