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Drwal’s burger is back at McDonald’s. The dietitian raises an important issue


A popular dietitian about the Drwal burger

I’m not a big fan of burgers, but I eat them from time to time. This year I haven’t had the opportunity to try Drwal yet, but maybe I will. The amount of calories doesn’t discourage me because I move a lot and I can burn it all without any problems. I’m more concerned about health issues. I decide to ask clinical dietitian Milena Nosek about this iconic sandwich.

“Oh, I haven’t eaten it and I don’t intend to,” she answered without hesitation when I asked whether she had tried Drwal yet.

Continuation of the material below the video

— The burger that connoisseurs of this type of meals look forward to is certainly not even a medium-energy one. According to the network’s tables, in 100 g it has 287 kcal, which gives almost 900 kcal in total – notes the expert. – This is an average value because we offer slightly more developed options, called “double” burgers – he adds.


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