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Drivers encouraged to leave the cabin and talk – action from Great Britain


Parking conversations between random drivers are no longer as popular as they used to be. This is often explained by the development of electronics and the Internet, although it is also a fact that social and ethnic changes have taken their toll. In fact, many drivers today will probably say that they prefer to stay in the cabin for peace of mind. Therefore, the action from Great Britain and the accompanying explanations seem to be even more interesting.

Today, a campaign under the slogan “Cabversation” was launched in the UK, which refers to the combination of the words “Cab” and “Conversation”. Its creators want to promote random conversations between truck drivers, claiming that such interpersonal contacts are extremely important for maintaining mental health.

Everything refers to the results of British research, according to which as many as 41 percent of illnesses among truck drivers are related to stress at work, anxiety or even depression. At the same time, it was found that many hours of isolation accompanying being on the road were very conducive to the development of such problems. Therefore, it was decided to promote leaving cabins in parking lots in order to talk to random colleagues.

What will this promotion look like? The main element of the campaign are specially marked conversation benches located in 60 parking lots for trucks from the British Moto network. By sitting on such a bench, the driver must express his readiness to start a conversation. Moreover, ironically, the talks will be promoted online. The creators encourage people to take photos of such random conversations and post them on the Moto network’s Facebook page. Then, among the authors of such photos, a 24-volt coffee machine, a 24-volt kettle, as well as several smaller items useful on the route will be drawn (full rules of participation here).

Poster advertising the campaign:


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