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Drama in electronics Euro 2024. It became history, and then such a nightmare


The French national team defeated Gibraltar 14-0 at home, but there was also bad news. All because of Warren Zaire-Emery’s injury. The 17-year-old was on the scoresheet in his debut, and a moment later he left the field after a tackle by one of his rivals. As a result of contact with an opponent, he suffered a serious injury. “L’Equipe” reported the initial diagnosis. It’s not good.

On Saturday evening, France hosted Gibraltar at home and literally crushed their opponent in the Euro 2024 qualifiers. They were leading 7-0 after the first half. In the second, she added another seven goals. Thus, the match ended with a 14-0 victory for Didier Deschamps’ team, which is the highest victory in the history of this team, as well as the highest triumph in the history of the Euro 2024 qualifiers. . One of the heroes of the meeting was Warren Zaire-Emery. However, it was a bittersweet evening for the rising star of Paris Saint-Germain, which will most likely slow down his career somewhat.

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Warren Zaire-Emery’s nightmare. He will not perform this year. Serious injury

The match against Gibraltar was the central midfielder’s first appearance in the senior national team, which allowed him to break several records. He became the youngest debutant in the history of the post-war French national team (17 years, 8 months and 10 days), taking this title from Eduardo Camavindze. Additionally, he was on the scoresheet in the 16th minute and increased the team’s lead to 3-0. Thus, he became the youngest goal scorer for France in over a hundred years.

Unfortunately, the goal resulted in great suffering. Ethan Santos tried to stop him from hitting the net, but he made a rather unfortunate tackle and knocked the Frenchman down. He quickly began to writhe in pain and after a while he left the playing field. The perpetrator was sent off. Initially, it seemed that the midfielder’s injury would not be that serious.

Now new information on the case has been provided by “L’Equipe”. It turns out that this is most likely the end of the football adventure for Zaire-Emery this year. He suffered a serious right ankle sprain and it looks like rehabilitation will take several weeks. According to journalists, he will not return to the pitch until at least the end of 2023. Detailed examinations are scheduled for Tuesday. The player has already left the training camp.

Terrible news for PSG. The top player is out of the game

His injury is also bad news for PSG. This season he is one of the key figures for the club. He appeared in 11 Ligue 1 matches, scoring two goals and the same number of assists. He spent a total of 905 minutes on the pitch. He also played four full-time Champions League matches and made three final passes.

So far, PSG has not issued an official statement regarding the player’s health condition. We can probably expect such information around Tuesday. Currently, the club is in first place in the league – after 12 matches it has collected 27 points.


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