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Marcin Szołajski is a legal advisor who shares useful tips on TikTok. Recently he raised the issue of accepting an apartment as a gift from his parents. Why does he not recommend such a year?

Legal Advisor Marcin Szołajski claims that accepting a donated apartment is not a good solution. Instead, the specialist recommends a completely different solution. He thinks this is how rich people act.

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Current times are difficult for young adults who would like to start arranging their lives on their own. Apartment prices and loans are often an insurmountable bar. In such situations, young people either continue to live with their parents or rent accommodation with roommates. In some cases, they get apartments from their relatives who have previously invested a lot of money in real estate. Marcin Szołajski recorded about this latest TikTok situation.

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– Your parents bought an apartment worth PLN 500,000. PLN in 2010 in Warsaw. After 13 years, it is worth around PLN 1 million. If you accept a donation of this apartment and would like to sell it immediately, you will pay 19%. tax, i.e. almost PLN 200,000. PLN – warns the legal advisor.

So what does a more thoughtful approach to this situation look like? Szołajski suggests asking your parents to give us a power of attorney to sell the selected property. In this way

– This way your parents will receive all the proceeds of the sale tax-free. And if you want this million zlotys for yourself, ask for a cash donation – he explains.

Internet users do not hide their surprise. “But why?”

It turns out that a large part of the online community is surprised by the idea of ​​selling a donated apartment. He simply doesn’t see the point in this procedure.

“If my parents gave me an apartment, I would live in it instead of renting”;

“But why sell?” – they wonder in the comments.

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