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Donald Tusk spoke before the first sitting of the Sejm. “Punishment awaits them”


“Those who broke the principles, rules and violated the Constitution will be punished, not new positions. This is the foundation of the new order,” wrote Donald Tusk on X/Twitter.

Donald Tusk emphasized many times during the election campaign that Law and Justice politicians should be held accountable. This issue was also included in the coalition agreement signed on November 10 between KO, PSL, Polska 2050 and the New Left.

This is what the ruling of the United Right is supposed to look like

“Without settling the pathologies and crimes of the previous government, there is and will not be a fair and law-abiding Poland. The constitutional principle that all actions of public authorities must be within the limits of the law and be based on it will be the foundation of both the settlement process and the actions of the government established by the Coalition. “— written in the document.


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