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Diya Kumari demands relocation of fintech park to save ‘Dol Ka Badh’ forest


Jaipur, Sep 9 (IANS) Rajsamand’s BJP MP Diya Kumari on Saturday lent her support to the ongoing campaign to save the ‘Dol Ka Badh’ forest in Jaipur.

Recognising the significance of this 100-acre urban forest as an ecological treasure, Diya Kumari joined the cause to prevent its conversion into a finance and technology park by RIICO (Rajasthan State Industrial Development & Investment Corporation), which would lead to severe environmental repercussions.

In a statement, Diya Kumari said, “Our duty towards environmental conservation transcends politics and personal interests. ‘Dol Ka Badh’ forest is not just a treasure trove of biodiversity, it is also an essential lung for our city.

“We cannot afford to lose it to industrial development. Preserving the forest is of paramount importance for maintaining ecological balance and sustaining the city’s green cover. I stand shoulder to shoulder with the people of Jaipur in their fight to save this invaluable natural asset.”

The MP further said that she will write to Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot as well as Industries Minister Shakuntla Rawat to take urgent action in this regard and immediately stop the destruction that is taking place at the site.

The fintech park can be relocated to another appropriate site, she said.

The ‘Dol ka Badh’ forest, often referred to as Jaipur’s last green lung, is not just a symbol of natural beauty but a vital habitat for diverse flora and fauna.

It is home to around 100 different types of migratory birds, residential bird species and a plethora of wildlife, making it an irreplaceable part of Jaipur’s biodiversity.

Currently, 6,700 petitions have been signed to save the organically grown biodiversed park and over 200 concerned citizens are on-ground everyday to save the green cover.


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