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Discontinued applications – be sure to uninstall these applications from your phone. They steal your data and money [13.11.2023]


Online safety should be our priority, especially when we move almost our entire lives to the Internet. From the smartphone we can access our ID card, patient account, bank account or even insurer. This is extremely convenient from the user’s point of view, but it is also an opening for fraudsters. See what applications thieves use to extort our data and money.

When we install dangerous applications on our smartphone, they can see what we are doing on the phone, have access to our photos, documents saved on the phone, passwords, and even make expensive calls without our knowledge. Criminals usually want access to our bank account or ID card which will allow them to enter into financial obligations on our behalf.

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Phones that do not have an antivirus program installed, such as versions of old software, are particularly vulnerable, which is why it is so important to regularly replace the phone with a newer one when our current one loses manufacturer’s support.

If we want to avoid financial problems as a result of loans taken out for us, we must remember to take care of our security online and be especially careful when installing new applications from the Store. Before installation, it is worth scanning them with antivirus and checking opinionsbecause Google Play does not regularly verify applications newly introduced to the Store, and even if they detect fake software, it will no longer be available in Google Play, but it can still work on our phones if we have previously installed it.

In the gallery below, take a look at the applications in which dangerous elements that lie in wait for our data and money have been detected:

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