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Director of FCI, Delhi Police HC arrested in two separate bribery cases: CBI


Director of FCI, Delhi Police HC arrested in two separate bribery cases: CBI

NEW DELHI, July 12 (IANS) The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) said on Wednesday that they have, in two separate cases, arrested the Director of the Food Corporation of India (FCI) in Pungaigaon (Assam) and the Delhi Police Chief. Officer for allegedly soliciting and accepting bribes.

A senior CBI official said that in the first case, a case has been registered against FCI director Amit Kumar Biswas. The complainant, who is an authorized representative of a Bongaigaon-based private company dealing in loading and unloading of food grains at Bongaigaon FCI warehouses, said his company was submitting monthly invoices to Divisional Office, Food Corporation of India, Bongaigaon and the accused demanded bribes to pass the bills.

The CBI set a trap and caught Pessoa in the act while soliciting and accepting a bribe from the complainant. Searches were carried out at the defendants’ residences, which resulted in the recovery of incriminating documents, including immovable property.

In another case, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (CBI) arrested Delhi Police Chief Constable Akshay, who works at Mangolpuri Police Station for soliciting and accepting bribe. A case has been registered against two Chiefs of Police of Delhi Police, who were posted to Mangolpuri Police Station, Delhi on complaint. “The complainant was alleged to be running an e-rickshaw consignment shop in Mangolpuri, Delhi. It was further alleged that the accused threatened the complainant to obstruct the operation of the e-rickshaw consignment shop and demanded a bribe.” CBI set a trap and caught the accused red-handed as he demanded and accepted bribe from the complainant.

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