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Digital creator Shivani Bavna created a stellar debut at Cannes


MUMBAI, May 21 (IANS) Indian-American content creator Shivani Bafna recently made her Cannes debut in the current edition of the prestigious film festival.

She chose a distinctive dress as her outfit for the event. Designed by Vaishali S, the stunning red design combines elegance, grace, and a touch of daring.

Her dress showed off a classic sophistication while also exuding a modern twist. Shivani has designed herself with the help and contribution of her friends, family and colleagues.

One of the unique items of the Shivani collection was the handcrafted clutch featuring a QR code. When it was scanned, the code took the audience to a message you wrote. In the letter, she shared her feelings about being on the red carpet and hopes her message will resonate with the public, transcending superficial fashion.

– Jans


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