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Did Roksana Węgiel overdo it with RETOUCH? This photo caused a storm – pudelek.pl




Roksana Węgiel’s latest photo aroused a lot of emotions among Internet users. Some said that the graphic designers made a mistake by retouching the figure of the 18-year-old singer. Soon the interested person herself spoke up. Good retort?

Roksana Węgiel

is undoubtedly one of the most polarizing figures in the world of domestic show business. Her every move constantly arouses great media interest. Much of this is due to the relationship of the 18-year-old singer with an 8-year-older than her

Kevin Mglej

. It cannot be denied that the couple’s relationship is flourishing. In May, the Junior Eurovision winner and her beau announced that

They have been engaged for several months.

Revelations about it appear more and more often in the media

couple’s wedding.


Roksana Węgiel reveals how her FRIENDS reacted to the news of her wedding to Kevin Mglej. A surprising answer from an 18-year-old

The appearance of the performer of the hit “Miasto” is also the subject of disputes and fierce discussions on the Internet. Many Internet users look at it with a critical eye

bold, body-revealing styles

Roksana Węgiel, still referring to the singer’s young age.

The rest of the article is below the video

Roksana Węgiel is planning to go to university? “School bothers me a bit”


Internet users are arguing about Roksana Węgiel’s waistline. Some accused the singer of retouching and blamed the graphic designers for a mistake

Even the premiere of Roksana’s latest song turned out to be a good opportunity for an online dispute about the 18-year-old’s appearance. The singer posted the cover of the single on social media, and several posts about it appeared in the comments section

alleged retouching and attempts by graphic designers to enhance the figure

Roxie. The comments were met with a response from the fans of the winner of “The Voice Kids”, who fiercely defended the idol.

The graphic designer cried as he cut out the deck

; The sad thing is that someone with such good looks consents to photos being edited, and so badly that it is visible to the naked eye;

But the waist on the right is fucking square. You can see that it has been cut out clumsily;

It is clear to the naked eye that in this photo the graphic designer was fumbling at the waist to increase the “hourglass”, and this is not the first such case

– wrote Internet users.

Roksana Węgiel spoke out about the online dispute. She mentioned working on her figure

After some time, the person concerned decided to speak up and called the discussion about the alleged alteration of her photos a “shitstorm.”

Apparently there’s some shitstorm about the last photo. This dress is slightly too big and I have been working hard on my waist for a year. Greetings to graphics experts

– wrote Roksana Węgiel.


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Source: pudelek.pl

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