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Did Edyta Herbuś’s controversial post attack nurses? They replied


  1. Edyta Herbuś unintentionally caused quite a controversy by posing in a sexy outfit imitating a nurse’s uniform

  2. The case went unnoticed, and the nurses, called to respond, organized an evening live to which they also invited the celebrity. She took advantage of the invitation

  3. The issue of sexualization of the profession and nurse’s attire was also discussed by Anna Woda, pointing out that the repetition of stereotypes is harmful not only to medical staff, but also to patients.

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Edyta Herbuś caused a stir by dressing up as a nurse

Edyta Herbuś probably had no bad intentions, but not everyone liked the effects of the photo session she showed off on the Internet. The sensual photos showed the dancer styled as a nurse, but the clothes she wore did not resemble those worn by health care workers on a daily basis.

Nurses who saw the photographs believed that the whole thing was another example of the sexualization of their profession, something that should not happen. Let us remind you that a few weeks ago a media storm was caused by the president of CM Medyk in Rzeszów, MD. med. Stanisław Mazur. He asked the hospital employees to perform as waitresses at a banquet organized for young doctors. This way, as he “joked”, the facility would save money on waiters, and they would earn extra money and, who knows, maybe they would find a husband among the doctors. After a wave of critical comments, Stanisław Mazur apologized for these words. Another awkwardness was reported online by a nurse hiding under the pseudonym Sister Bożenna. A social media user revealed that in another facility in Rzeszów, there was a cheat sheet for nurses hanging on the wall, informing them what kind of coffee the doctors working there drank. There were instructions on who sweetened how much.

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Nurses indicate that the problem of sexualization of their profession is much deeper

Edyta Herbuś immediately reacted and published an apology online. She also accepted the invitation of nurses who wanted her to take part in the live meeting “Nurse’s uniform – non-violent conversations”, during which female health care sector workers talked about their work, the clothes they actually wear during their duties and explained how harmful sexualization is. medical professions.

This is one of the examples where, by thoughtlessly repeating a stereotype, we do considerable harm to the entire group and patients. Nurses very often encounter difficult situations related to the sexualization of our profession: from ambiguous texts to sexually marked gestures and behaviors that violate even our corporeality – recalled Anna Woda, M.A., nurse, member of the Polki w Medicine Foundation, during an interview with patient.pl

Edyta Herbuś also agreed to take part in the evening event. The dancer and actress has already expressed remorse.

— Dear nurses and gentlemen. I didn’t expect such a reaction to my photos because I wasn’t aware of the scale of the problem. But I hear you and I sympathize with you that you encounter unpleasant situations in your work, which is so important and necessary for everyone. Maybe it’s worth raising this issue and doing, for example, a live video, let me know what you think about it and who would be the best person to talk to about it? – she wrote on her Instagram.

— What makes you laugh burns us out professionally. What is an innocent joke to you takes away our dignity. What is a “stick in the …” for you is a difficult everyday reality for us. We have enough problems in nursing and midwifery: too few staff, back pain, human suffering, stress, pressure… It’s really the admiration of society, this support, expressed in the form of sexualization of our professions. I wonder how funny jokes these would be for some people for 5, 100, 1000 total? – noted Anna Woda in her Instagram entry.

Edyta Herbuś’s behavior and willingness to engage in dialogue were appreciated not only by nurses, but also by Internet users, praising the celebrity for her “extremely mature attitude” and the ability to reflect and turn controversy into “something beneficial.” The star appeared at the meeting, during which she spoke in the part “a look at the ‘nurse’s uniform’ through the eyes of a public figure.”


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