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Delhi health minister holds meetings with officials for prevention of dengue and malaria


Delhi health minister holds meetings with officials for prevention of dengue and malaria

NEW DELHI, July 13 (IANS) Delhi Health Minister Saurabh Bharadwaj convened a high-level meeting with all concerned departments of the state government to review readiness to tackle vector-borne diseases such as dengue, chikungunya and malaria (DCM) during the monsoons, the Delhi government said on Wednesday because of the rains. There are chances of the spread of dengue fever and malaria so they have started preparations to prevent it.
Bharadwaj directed Delhi government officials to take the most stringent steps to prevent the spread of vector-borne diseases in the national capital.

The Delhi minister asked district level officers in various departments to create awareness among the people in their districts on steps to be taken to prevent DCM.

Besides, the home breeding examiners were instructed to be vigilant to ensure that they visit each home and identify mosquito breeding areas such as standing water. The government said the Delhi government would help the school children in their attack on DCM.

The minister also called for community participation by organizing awareness campaigns and developing media communication materials.
Officials from departments of Health, MCD, NDMC, Delhi Jal Council, Irrigation and Flood Control, Education, etc. were also present at the meeting.

Bharadwaj informed all stakeholders that due to the rains there was a risk of infection from vector-borne diseases, especially those spread by mosquitoes, such as DCM.

She said that on behalf of the Kejriwal government, school children in Delhi would be involved in the large-scale prevention of dengue fever.
The minister noted that children can be very effective in spreading awareness.
“The Department of Education of the City of Delhi and the Education Department of the Government of Delhi have been instructed to give school children a card with which they can complete ‘dengue homework’. Every week the children will do a full check of their home and surrounding areas to ensure that there is no accumulated water in which mosquitoes can breed and thrive.” .

The card must be filled out by their parents and will be collected at the school. This homework will be checked each week and the cards will be returned to the students so they can take the check again. Children and parents will mention the measures they have taken to prevent waterlogging of their home and surrounding areas. The Ministry of Education will ensure that dengue homework is done in MCD schools, Delhi Government and all private schools in Delhi,” Bharadwaj said.
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