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Continuation of the alcohol scandal in the U-17 team. A sensational turn of events


The Polish U-17 national team will not remember the World Cup in Indonesia very well. Regardless of the results, the team became famous around the world due to the alcohol scandal that broke out during the training camp. Although it seemed that the matter was slowly coming to an end, Tomasz Włodarczyk unexpectedly presented new information in the program “Let’s talk about football”. “Parents are striking back,” he said.

The Polish U-17 national team performed terribly during the World Championships in Indonesia. Not only did it lose all matches: against Japan (0:1), Senegal (1:4) and Argentina (0:4), This whole event was somehow overshadowed by a scandal involving four football players – Oskar Tomczyk, Filip Wolski, Filip Rózga and Jan Łabędzki – who were caught drinking alcohol in one of the local bars. . The teenagers were quickly expelled from the training camp, and their clubs also took action against them.

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The Polish national team was brutally summed up. “I can not imagine”

New information on the alcohol scandal in the U-17 national team. “Parents Strike Back”

Despite this, a real storm began on the Internet. Not only did all the media start writing about this case, but many experts also spoke publicly. One of them was Zbigniew Boniek, who surprised and started to defend the teenagers. – These aren’t alcoholics. They are young boys, kids, he said.

He presented new information on this matter in Sunday’s program ” Let’s talk about football ” journalist Tomasz Włodarczyk. – We are receiving signals that this is not the end. The alcohol scandal may continue in such a way that it will end with some accusations against the Polish Football Association. According to my information, the parents of at least one of the players are already cooperating with a law firm and may demand to draw consequences against the federation for the way the minor was treated. Parents are striking back, he concluded.

And although our team performed terribly during the World Championships, coach Marcin Włodarski claims that we were not far behind the other teams. – Even though the losses were high, it was the details that determined the course of the match. (…) Centimeters, wrong positioning of the foot, all this later adds up to the whole we see – he explained.

Apart from the Polish national team, all our group rivals at the World Cup advanced to the knockout phase. The Argentines will play in the round of 16 against Venezuela, Japan against Spain, and Senegal will face France.


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