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Congress will make sacrifices to protect the Constitution: Hooda


Sonipat, April 14 (IANS) “Our ancestors gave their lives to enable India to get freedom and to frame the constitution and now Congress will make any sacrifices to protect the constitution,” former Haryana Chief Minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda said on Friday.

Addressing the Samvedan Bachau gathering as part of the Jai Bharat Satyagra here, the Leader of the Opposition said such a high turnout showed that people have now decided they just have to wait for the elections.

Crowds showed up despite the peak crop harvest season and the mercury’s 42°C cross.

Hooda recounted the legacy of the Congress and said, “Our elders fought for freedom and made sacrifices for the establishment of the country’s constitution. In the current situation, some forces want to weaken the constitution.”

“The Bharatiya Janata Party government has revoked the membership of party leader Rahul Gandhi to suppress the voice of dissent,” he said.

He said that the Congress will not allow the constitution to be weakened nor will it allow Rahul Gandhi’s voice to be suppressed.

A strong India needs a strong constitution. On the birth anniversary of Bhimrao Ambedkar, let us pledge that we will not allow anyone to impair the rights enshrined in the Constitution.

Haryana Unity Party President Uday Bhan said that on Bhimrao Ambedkar’s ideology, Congress has made laws like Right to Education, Right to Information and Right to Food.

He said, “Congress passed the Scheduled Castes and Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Act to empower the weak, backward, exploited and disadvantaged sections of society.”

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