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Confusion at the meeting with Jake. Gajewska from KO appeared on the spot


“Followers PIS they do not have access to reliable media, which is why I will politely inform about the visa scandal at meetings of PiS candidates and appeal for criticism. These people are not guilty, they were deceived by TVPiS,” she wrote Gajewska on social media.

Visa scandal during the meeting with Jake

During the meeting organized by What in Góra Kalwaria, Gajewska told supporters PIS about visa scandal.

I wanted to talk about the 250,000 visas that have been issued by our government, by our consuls, for people who come from Africa and Asia. Our visas were sold at stalls in Africa. Corruption is evil – said the MP.

Ladies and gentlemen, please check this information for the good of our country – she added.

Jaki: I personally gave her the microphone

Patryk Jaki commented on the matter.

I will not hide. When I saw that Kinga Gajewska came to the meeting, I personally gave her the microphone (I thought I would be satisfied for the whole week 🥳). Unfortunately, when she saw that he wanted to talk to her, she ran away with terror in her eyes 😂 People tried to stop her 👇 They shouted “courage”. Unfortunately she escaped – he wrote on the “X” platform (formerly Twitter).


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