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Chris Gayle says the Covid lockdown has made him turn to music


MUMBAI, May 23 (IANS) Former West Indies cricket captain and record-breaking batsman Chris Gayle has said he would love to dance with Deepika Padukone to a song.

After releasing his music video with Arko, “Oh Fatima”, in the company of friends, particularly playback singer Shaan, the cricketer said that if he ever gets a chance to dance with a Bollywood actress, it will be Deepika Padukone.

“I met her in person,” said Gayle. “Deepika Padukone, very nice lady. I would like to dance with Deepika Padukone in a song.”

When asked how his music career took off, Gayle replied: “It all started during the pandemic when we were all locked in our homes. A friend of mine said let’s do a song together. He came over to my house and we did a song together.”

“I was very impressed with it and the best part was that people in Jamaica accepted it. Then I recorded another song and eventually set up my own studio at home and started collaborating with people from the music business. At no point in my cricket career could I have imagined that I would I’ll venture out anytime to sing.”[myownstudioatmyownhomeandstartedcollaboratingwithpeoplefromthemusicfieldAtnopointinmycricketcareerIhadimaginedIwouldeverventureintosinging][myownstudioatmyownhomeandstartedcollaboratingwithpeoplefromthemusicfieldAtnopointinmycricketcareerIhadimaginedIwouldeverventureintosinging”

Gayle’s debut single was We Come Out To Party and he later collaborated with Mumbai rapper Emiway Bantai and released a music video titled “Jamaica to India” in April 2021. It was followed by “Punjabi Daddy”.

His most recent work, with composer and singer-songwriter Arco, is titled “Ya Fatima”. Speaking about the song, Gayle said, “When I met Arko and he played the song, I immediately said I wanted to be in it and here we are today when we release our song together. The energy and vibe of the song is so catchy. It will be stuck in your head.”

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