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Children want to develop and be happy. National Children’s Rights Day


Children want to develop and be happy. National Children’s Rights Day – Polish Radio PiK

2023-11-20, 06:51 Monika Kaczyńska/Editor

The culmination of the national celebration of the National Children’s Rights Day – on the initiative of the Ombudsman for Children, Mikołaj Pawlak – took place in Toruń. We decided to ask students of Primary School No. 14, which was visited by the Commissioner, if they knew anything more about their rights.

– Providing us with the basic things that every child should have: the opportunity to learn, develop their interests and themselves – says one of the students. – I wish there were free lunches in schools, so that children from poorer families who cannot afford them could eat them – says another child. – I think there should be happiness for every child. So that the school would fund all the textbooks and notebooks, says one of the girls.

Children’s rights include: personal rights (the right to life, to identity, to development, to be brought up in a family, to express one’s own views, to information); political rights (also public: to express one’s own views, to participate in associations), social rights (to decent living conditions and an adequate standard of living, to health care, to rest) and economic laws (for study; this also applies to the protection of labor law undertaken as part of the obligation to study or holiday work).

National Children’s Rights Day falls on November 20. This holiday was established on the initiative of the Ombudsman for Children, Marek Michalak, by a resolution of the Sejm in 2014 to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the adoption of the Convention on the Rights of the Child by the UN General Assembly.

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