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Caroline Derpienski in photos from years ago. Similar to Kurdej-Szatan?- pudelek.pl


Droppa, November 12, 2023 10:50



Our national pride, Caroline Derpienski, has just shared a modest photo from the time before she truly felt what it was like to live in “dollars”. We can’t shake the feeling that the young queen of Miami reminds us of someone. Do you see that too?

What would Polish show business look like today without it?

Caroline Derpienski

? Fortunately, we don’t have to worry about such a gloomy prospect. It seems that the resident of sunny Miami has taken root in Warsaw for good and has no intention of giving up her life in the spotlight. Even sitting overseas, the enterprising Podlasie woman provides us with new materials. This time in the form of a rather modest photo from 3 years ago.


Caroline Derpienski and her PAPAYA flex on the cover of Ukrainian “Playboy”! They called her “THE SEXIEST POLISH WOMAN” (PHOTO)

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Justyna Gradek about RICH PARTNER and drama with Aneta Glam. She also assessed the Derpienski collection


Caroline Derpienski in a throwback photo. It’s changed a lot

Derpienski showed off a photo taken three years ago against the background of a thoroughly American Christmas tree. The girl already had the characteristic platinum blonde on her head, but it is obvious at first glance

her beauty looks much more youthful


At that time, Caroline, still a teenager, was wearing a white tank top with a glittery appliqué

dangerously tight denim shorts

. The accessories were a Gucci belt and a paper bag from a popular drugstore chain. It is clear that we had to wait a little longer for the “Dajmonds” era.

This is me 3 years ago on Christmas in Miami. I looked like a child

– Caroline wrote.

Let us remind you:

Caroline Derpienski boasts about shopping for “13,000 dollars”. An Internet user evaluates the shoes: “THEY’RE JUST RUBBER BOOTS.” This is how she reacted

This is where Caroline and I disagree. According to part of the Pudelkowa team, Derpienski from the photo could easily pass for a close relative

Barbara Kurdej-Szatan


Source: pudelek.pl

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