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Can Giertych lose his immunity? New informations


Giving Roman Giertych parliamentary immunity thwarted the prosecutor’s plans. Investigators are analyzing the law to take further steps against the patron.

In the parliamentary elections on October 15 Giertych ran for the Sejm on the lists of the Civic Coalition. He received 23,622 votes and won the parliamentary seat. PO leader Donald Tusk announced in August that he was putting Giertych on the Świętokrzyskie KO list deliberately against Kaczyński, because that was where the PiS list was opened by the president himself.

What will the prosecutor’s office do?

Taking up the mandate means receiving immunity. This, in turn, thwarted the plans of prosecutors from the Regional Prosecutor’s Office in Lublin, who are investigating the Polnord company and want to bring charges against the patron. As Onet found out, legal analyzes are currently underway, on the basis of which further steps will be taken.

– We are in a state of inertia. The content of the regulations is being analyzed to determine what the next step of the prosecutor’s office is possible in the current legal situation, said prosecutor Andrzej Jeżyński, press spokesman for the Regional Prosecutor’s Office in Lublin, in an interview with the portal.

Jeżyński admitted that a motion to waive an MP’s immunity is very rarely voted on in the Sejm, so submitting it is unlikely to move the matter forward. Despite this, as Onet writes, there is a group of investigators in the prosecutor’s office who want to take such a step.

– This will be another political brawl in the Sejm and fuel for the media, which is still in the hands of PiS. And the new marshal, Szymon Hołownia, announced that he would not block any applications – says one of them.

As indicated by the head of the Government Legislation Center, prof. Krzysztof Szczucki, referring to the Act on the exercise of the mandate of a deputy and senator, Giertych does not have to feel safe at all. The act in question contains a provision stating that “it does not apply to criminal proceedings initiated before the date of announcement of election results against a person who was elected as a deputy or senator.”

– The prosecutor’s office may also refer to the above-mentioned provision. In any case, there will be a row in the Sejm. The investigation is unlikely to be discontinued, says the portal’s informant.


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