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Brutal words about the Polish national team. “Like a rat in a garbage can”


The Polish national team drew with the Czech Republic 1-1 in a match that determined their chances of getting out of the Euro 2024 qualifying group. The Poles have not yet advanced to the final tournament, but they can still get there thanks to the March play-offs. It cannot be denied that having to play them is a huge failure of the Polish Football Association, players and coaches. – We are no longer promoted with dignity – says one of the experts.

Albania, Czech Republic, Moldova, Faroe Islands – in general opinion, advancement from the group was certain, and Poland was the favorite for the final victory. No one expected that the qualifying rounds would ultimately end with them taking the penultimate place – and for this to happen, it would be enough for the Czechs to draw or lose against Moldova on Monday, November 20.

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Lewandowski: Patience is needed. There is light at the end of the tunnel

Will Poles advance to Euro 2024? “We can crawl in there like a rat in a garbage can.”

Despite such a terrible performance in the qualifying rounds, the White and Reds can still advance to the final tournament. All they need to do is win the March play-offs. Of course, this is a path that no one expected when Fernando Santos took over the team, but with which the Polish Football Association was already reconciled when it hired Michał Probierz.

The term of office of the coach chosen by Cezary Kulesza has not yet restored hope for the fans. Under his leadership, the White and Reds defeated the Faroe Islands away (2-0) and drew at home with Moldova (1-1) and the Czech Republic (1-1). Victories in all matches would advance, but Poland only has the play-offs left.

Journalist Leszek Milewski in the program Meczyków he said that winning promotion to Euro 2024 there would be like a rat crawling into a garbage can. – We needed a victory, and the Czechs threatened us three times in added time. This is a comedy. When I listen to this discussion that we can advance through the play-offs… Why should we push for the EURO? We can no longer advance to the championship, we can crawl there like a rat into a garbage can. We are no longer promoted with dignity, said the journalist.

Brutal assessment of the Polish national team. “We are an inspiration for Cambodian football”

He also recalled the first match against the Faroe Islands. During Fernando Santos’ term, the Poles won 2-0, but it was a victory achieved in a very poor style. The first goal was scored only in the 73rd minute, when Robert Lewandowski converted a penalty kick.

– This national team has the image of a 37-year-old construction worker from the Faroe Islands who screws Tomasz Kędziora into the ground at the National Stadium. Before the match against Pakistan, Cambodian fans used the Moldova-Poland match as an example to inspire themselves. “Look, Moldova, the 160th team in the FIFA ranking, beat Poland.” We are an inspiration for Cambodian football. This is the success of Polish football in 2023, he said.

The match in question was played in the 2026 World Cup qualifiers. Cambodia played two matches against Pakistan in October. She drew the first one 0-0, lost the second one 0-1. So it looks like the Polish inspiration didn’t work.

The White and Reds are currently preparing for a friendly match against Latvia. The match at the National Stadium is scheduled for Tuesday, November 21, at 8:45 p.m. The day after the Czech Republic – Moldova match will be played, which will decide the final position of the Polish team in the qualifying group.


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