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Brawl in the TVN24 studio. It didn’t end with one intervention


Let us recall that PiS, despite the best result in 2023 parliamentary elections out of all the electoral committees, it did not obtain the majority required to form a parliamentary majority government. Therefore, the democratic opposition (KO, Third Way and Left) is to take over the government. On Friday, the leaders of the opposition parties signed a coalition agreement, which has been negotiated over recent weeks.

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The topic of post-election decisions appeared in the program “Kawa na ławę” by Konrad Piasecki on TVN24. The guests in the studio were: Barbara Nowacka from KO, Agnieszka Dziemianowicz-Bąk from the Left, Małgorzata Paprocka from the Chancellery of the President, Marcin Horała from PiS, Michał Kamiński from Trzecia Droga and Stanisław Tyszka from Konfederacja.

The latter referred to the coalition agreement, declaring assistance in the implementation of one of its provisions. — The Confederation will help you fulfill this promise. We will submit projects simplifying and reducing taxes in this regard, he said, referring to reducing the tax burden imposed on working people.

— I would like to ask you whether you respect the election results from a month ago. I am talking about restoring the lawful functioning of the Sejm. In your opinion, does the group that received 1.5 million votes of support, i.e. Confederation, deserve to participate on equal rights in the work of the Sejm Presidium? – Tyszka asked.


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