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Borek passed on the news about Lewandowski. “The whole team declared to Touchstone”


The next matches of the Polish national team are fast approaching. After the key match against the Czech Republic in the Euro 2024 qualifiers, Michał Probierz’s team will face a friendly match against Latvia at the National Stadium. Mateusz Borek in the “Moc Futbolu” program on Channel Sportowy provided interesting information about Robert Lewandowski and the clash with the Latvians.

The Polish national team will play more matches soon. First, on Friday at 8:45 p.m. they will face the Czech Republic in the European Championship qualifiers at the National Stadium. This will be a very important match in the context of advancing to this tournament. The Poles have played one match more than their closest rivals and are one point behind them. To continue to hope for direct promotion, they must defeat the Czechs and count on their loss of points against Moldova.

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Mateusz Borek provided information. Will Lewandowski stay with the team?

After the match with our southern neighbors, the team led by Michał Probierz will face Latvia in a friendly match. It will be a match of a much lower rank. Mateusz Borek said that despite this, Robert Lewandowski will not leave the training camp early and intends to take part in this competition.

– Yesterday, Robert Lewandowski’s entire team declared to coach Probierz that the player would stay in Latvia for the match. It seems to me that the players know that they are against the wall and are aware of what awaits them in March (that’s when the play-offs for the European Championships will take place – ed.). They all want to stay, to participate in training units even after the first match, to get four more briefings, to play even in a changed squad in the confrontation with Latvia, to be a group – he said in the “Moc Futbolu” program in Sports Channel .

Robert Lewandowski finally broke through in the last round of La Liga and scored two goals against Deportivo Alaves, and FC Barcelona won 2-1. Not only the Spanish media, but also Xavi, were delighted with the impact of the Pole’s play. This is great news for Michał Probierz, who is counting on the striker’s next goals, but this time in national colors. The match against Latvia will take place on Tuesday, November 21, at 8:45 p.m.


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