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Boniek commented on the latest events in Channel Sportowy. One thing puzzles him


PublishThe co-founder left the company Christopher Stanowski. The other three spoke about it – Tomasz Smokowski, Mateusz Borek and Michał Pol, so in response, Stanowski recorded a video in which he explained the reasons for his decision and revealed a lot of the background. From the material, fans learned, among others: about the poor atmosphere inside the Sportowy channel and about quarrels between the co-founders. Now he has spoken about it Zbigniew Boniek.

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Zbigniew Boniek summed up the split in Channel Sportowy. “All the best”

“At 10 p.m. in “Prawda Futbolu” he will also respond to the “civil war” in Channel Sportowy… – wrote Zbigniew Boniek on social media.

At the very beginning of the program, Boniek admitted that it was only marketing, but he partially referred to the announced topic. “There is nothing to talk about, because all four people are our good friends with whom we have known each other for a hundred years. I wish them all the best. This is the time to grab some popcorn and see what is happening,” admitted the former president. PZPN.

However, Boniek referred to the sale of shares by Krzysztof Stanowski to Maciej Wandzel. “The only thing that surprised me is the new shareholder of Kanał Sportowy. He is very well known to me because he once wanted to crash a convention Polish Football Association,” he mentioned.

In 2016, during the PZNP meeting, Boniek and Wandzel clashed over changes to the regulations of the Ekstraklasa. The former representative was then the president of the federation, and the new shareholder of Channel Sportowy was the head of the Supervisory Board of Ekstraklasa. The gentlemen disagreed, among other things: regarding fees for transfers, and the media even speculated that Maciej Wandzel wanted to replace Boniek as the president of the union. However, this did not happen.

Finally, Boniek expressed his best wishes to the co-founders of Channel Sportowy and, in his own style, joked about one of them. “However, I wish everything that can be wished the best to Krzysztof Stanowski, Mateusz Borek and Tomek Smokowski. And you know, Michał Pol is so nice. He lives on a cloud, sleeps with his phone. I wish them all the best,” summed up the former player, among others. AS Roma and Juventus.


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