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Bittersweet predictions for Iga Świątek. The legend predicts the new WTA season


Iga Świątek has had another great season. She won six tournaments, including the Grand Slam Roland Garros and the season-ending WTA Finals. She also showed her good side at Wimbledon, where she reached the quarterfinals for the first time in her career. Will she finally be able to win the competition this year? According to one of the legends of women’s tennis, this will not happen and Coco Gauff will stand in her way.

Iga Świątek continues to delight with her play for another season. Although she did not dominate this year’s tennis as much as in the previous 12 months, she ultimately proved again that she is the best tennis player in the world. Although at one point she lost her first place in the ranking to Aryna Sabalenka, she returned to the top after winning the WTA Finals.

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Navratilova predicts the 2024 season. Will Coco Gauff prevail at Wimbledon?

For Iga, the end of the season meant going on a well-deserved vacation, and for many experts, it meant the beginning of a period of summaries of the last year and predictions for the next one. Martina Navratilova was delighted with Świątek’s form, although the legendary tennis player still sees room for improvement . In an interview with the official WTA website, she also decided to reveal her predictions for the next season.

One of them concerns Wimbledon. Last season on grass courts was the best of Iga’s career. For the first time, she managed to reach the quarterfinals of this competition. After she dropped out, she said she had found “a way to deal with grass”.

Wimbledon, along with the Australian Open, remains one of the two Grand Slam tournaments that Świątek has still not won. And according to Navratilova, this will not change in 2024, because according to her, Coco Gauff will win the title.

– I would be surprised if she doesn’t win another Grand Slam this year, and Wimbledon makes the most sense. I think she will win on grass because she is better at the net than any of the other players and moves forward very well. That and her improved drop shot will make a difference. I think next year will see Carlos Alcaraz’s impact on tennis. For me, Coco should be the favorite on grass. Especially since it is the most difficult surface for Iga, she says it herself – said the legendary tennis player.

Will Iga be the leader of the WTA ranking again? “I did not think”

There is also good news for Iga. In Navratilova’s opinion, this will be another year and she will end in first place in the WTA ranking.

– A few weeks ago, based on what I saw, I didn’t think he would finish 2024 in first place – I predicted Gauff. Now I think maybe Gauff will overtake Sabalenka in second place. But I don’t know if any of them can overtake Iga, if they have a good off-season and remain healthy and fresh – he predicts.

So far, Iga’s offseason is going very well. She recently boasted about her vacation and admitted that the trip exceeded her wildest expectations.


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