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Bitter words about Lewandowski. His successor gives more to Bayern and “is not selfish”


Lewandowski, in his second season playing for Barcelona, ​​does not have the best record in Spain, but it seemed that in Germany he left behind a monument that cannot be demolished. 19 trophies won with Bayern in all competitions, 344 goals in 375 matches, 6 Bundesliga top scorer titles, and breaking Gerd Mueller’s legendary goal record in one season are just the tip of the Polish striker’s achievements in Munich. Adding to this the fact that Bayern acquired him on a free transfer and sold him eight years later for nearly EUR 50 million, it is difficult to imagine a more fruitful cooperation. However, not everyone on our western border shares this opinion.

Kane more valuable to the team

In the summer transfer window, the Bavarians paid Tottenham about EUR 100 million for Kane, but the 30-year-old quickly began to pay off. In his first ten Bundesliga appearances, he scored 15 goals and 5 assists. This was enough to start putting the Englishman above Lewandowski. In terms of goals, Bayern’s new sniper is still very far from his great predecessor, but in Germany Kane is also praised for his playing style and attitude off the pitch. Hau argues that this makes him a more valuable player for the Munich team.

“What sets Kane apart from goals is his dedication to the team. He doesn’t avoid going back for the ball, sometimes doing it deep in his own half. Seven assists in all matches underscores how he sees his teammates. No wonder everyone in the Bayern locker room is enthusiastic about 30-year-old,” Hau said on sport1.de.

Lewandowski - Kane |  TDE

The German champion’s players really praise their cooperation with the England representative after almost every match. Apparently, their relationship with Lewandowski was much worse, especially towards the end of the Pole’s stay in the Bundesliga.

“Many teammates appreciate that the captain of the England national team is not egoistic. Off the pitch, he is a very open person, actively seeks contact and guides them, keeping his feet firmly on the ground. This is especially visible in the case of Leroy Sane, who has formed a very close and harmonious bond. This was not the case with Lewandowski, who, especially towards the end of his stay at Bayern, often complained about unsuccessful actions on the pitch, instead of maintaining a positive attitude. At that time, Sane, like several other teammates, became increasingly irritated by Lewandowski’s increasingly selfish behavior – we read in sport1.de.

– Harry is very impressive. Not only as a player, but also as a person. His modesty and the way he behaves in the locker room make him a real team player and a bull’s eye for Bayern – confirmed Christoph Freund, sporting director of the Munich team, the opinion about the Englishman.

Kane undoubtedly earned such praise by quickly acclimatizing to his new surroundings. However, it is incomprehensible to criticize Lewandowski, who devoted the best years of his career to Bayern, won everything possible with them and was the face of the Bundesliga.


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