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Big emotions in Las Vegas. Verstappen wins despite penalty


Today, almost the entire United States was interested in racing in Las Vegas, and many events were devoted to the race. The presentation of the main characters of the evening was organized with greater pomp than usual. The top twenty fastest in the world was announced by an announcer known from combat sports, Bruce Buffer, who, instead of making the UFC gala in Apex more attractive, decided to cooperate with Formula 1. Hundreds of celebrities walked along the starting straight. If we were to list them all decimal places, there wouldn’t be enough time for us.

Things didn’t look so rosy on the track. The safety car was deployed on the fourth lap after Lando Norris crashed the car. The British driver’s impact against the wall was so strong that the McLaren representative was taken to hospital. Earlier, there was huge confusion in the first corner. Max Verstappen pushed Charles Leclerc, who started from pole position, off the track, and the rest of the drivers struggled with the slippery surface. Even the experienced Fernando Alonso made a turnover.

The world champion was rightly disturbed by the judges who awarded a five-second penalty when slowly building an advantage over Charles Leclerc. The Dutchman reacted to the bad news with great calm. – Say hello to them from me – he told the engineer and focused on driving away from his main rival in the fight for victory in the competition. The Ferrari driver did not give up and overtook the current champion on the sixteenth lap, leaving the fans stunned.. The Scuderia hasn’t had such great pace on Sunday for a long time.

The red cars worked perfectly with the tires. The race leader finished six laps after Max Verstappen at the first pitstop, even though he had a softer compound than the Dutchman. However, Ferrari would not be itself if it did not complicate matters at its own request. Charles Leclerc stayed at the team stand in the pit lane for almost four seconds, which could have been crucial in the later phase of the competition.

Robert Kubica after winning the title in LMP2: My passion for racing does not change. VIDEO/Polsat Sport/Polsat Sport

Sergio Perez was in the fight for victory for a moment

Max Verstappen attracted dangerous incidents today like a magnet. Moments after Leclerc left the pit lane, the Red Bull driver was involved in a collision with George Russell, after which the safety car was deployed. – Man, he hit me. Check on tires and other parts – the leader of the general classification was concerned, but the team did not notice any serious damage.

In the meantime, Sergio Perez broke through to the top after a brilliant drive. When racing resumed, the Mexican was just behind Charles Leclerc’s rear wing and had a great chance of winning the entire race. Max Verstappen’s teammate couldn’t keep his nerves under control. The driver from Guadalajara carried out a successful attack on the Monegasque, but a moment later he made huge mistakes and dropped to third place.

The current champion returned to the leader’s seat in spectacular style, quickly gaining an advantage of several seconds and rushing to victory. Behind him, Perez and Leclerc fought another fantastic fight. It already seemed that the Mexican would achieve the double for Red Bull in impressive style, but on the last lap the Ferrari representative overtook his opponent and finished behind Verstappen

Las Vegas Grand Prix race results:

Max Verstappen/Antonin Vincent/DPPI/AFP


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