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Big disappointment in Warsaw. Legia hit


When two leading Polish clubs of recent years play and all fans are waiting for their match, you can expect a great spectacle. Meanwhile, on Sunday afternoon, the match between Legia Warszawa and Lech Poznań was boring and the match was a total disappointment. It ended in a fair, goalless draw.

All experts had high hopes for a great spectacle in Warsaw. Two teams that dream of winning the Polish championship faced each other. You could be sure that both teams would fight for the full pool, because they are in the lead, but they were a few points behind the leader Śląsk Wrocław. So they have to make up for the losses.

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“Confession” of the former Legia coach. “The result was not impressive”

The most impressive thing was… before the match

The first half of the match was simply forgettable. Both teams had a total of just five shots (4-1) and only two shots on target (both Legia).

From the beginning of the match it was more of a test of strength, neither team wanted to reveal themselves or attack more boldly. There were too many inaccurate passes, losses and mistakes in simple plays. The number of goal-scoring situations could be counted on the fingers of one hand. Actually, that was one occasion! In the 17th minute, after a cross from a corner kick by Joshua, Patryk Kun shot after the deflected ball from eight meters, but Bartosz Mrozek made a great save.

It was much more impressive before the referee’s first whistle. – The fans at Łazienkowska watched a great show. The match hosts prepared, among others: great light show and presented the team formation in an innovative way – wrote Sport.pl.

The second half was also weak. “The match was definitely disappointing”

Everyone probably hoped that the match would pick up in the second half. The guests started this part better. And after 120 seconds they could celebrate the goal. Miha Blazic fell down after a corner kick and managed to shoot from five meters, but straight at Kacper Tobiasz.

Legia Warszawa responded only once. In the 71st minute, after Wszołek’s cross from the right side, Muci passed the ball three meters to Pekhart, who touched it, but too lightly, and Mrozek caught the ball.

– The match definitely disappointed me. It wasn’t a spectacle like I expected. There were no goals and no good opportunities. The general impression after the match was poor – said Tomasz Więcczycki, Canal+Sport expert, after the match.

And 0:0. LegiaWarszawa has been without a field goal for 325 minutes (5.5 hours), but has not conceded a goal for 368 minutes (over 6 hours). In turn, LechPoznan is doing everything to gain absolutely nothing from the fact that Legia and Raków will play in the cups all autumn – added Jakub Seweryn, a journalist at Sport.pl, on Twitter.

After this draw, Legia Warszawa is in sixth place (24 points), and Lech is in third place (29 points). Śląsk Wrocław leads with 33 points.

Now there will be a break for representative matches. In the next round, Legia Warszawa will play Warta Poznań (November 25, 8 p.m.), and Lech Poznań will face Widzew Łódź in front of its home audience (November 26, 5:30 p.m.).

In another, Sunday’s real hit of the queue Pogoń Szczecin drew at home with Raków Częstochowa 1:1 .

Legia Warszawa – Lech Poznań 0:0

  • Legia: Tobiasz – Jędrzejczyk, Augustyniak, Kapuadi WITH – Wszołek, Slisz, Elitim, Kun (77. Gil Dias) – Josue (89. Kramer WITH) – Muci (89. Rosołek), Pekhart WITH (77. Gual).
  • Lech: Mrozek – Blazji, Milić, Douglas – Pereira, Karlstrom, Murawski WITHBa Loua (80. Wilak) – Marchwiński (92. Sobiech), Velde (87. Szymczak) – Ishak WITH.


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