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Bank account denied, acid attack survivor seeks help for SRK


NEW DELHI, July 12 (IANS) Imagine being denied a bank account simply because someone survived an acid attack. This is exactly what Bragyah Prasun faced when her KYC machine was unable to scan her full vital details due to its inability to flash.

“I also have the right to be able to open a bank account,” Pragya said in a tweet, as she shared her story, also tagging megastar Shah Rukh Khan and the Meer Foundation.

The Mer Foundation is the star’s charitable organization that rehabilitates acid attack survivors and also funds corrective surgeries.

Pragya writes: “Being an acid attack survivor should not stop me from living a decent life. It is unfair that I was stripped of my bank account just because I couldn’t blink in the KYC process.” Request @iamsrkMeerFoundation to help me make this world inclusive for all KYC survivors acid attack #iwontblink”

She also urged Sandeep Bakhshi, CEO of ICICI Bank, to reconsider this policy and provide easy and quick alternative ways for individuals who cannot blink an eye to open a bank account.

She added, “I also appeal to them to restore the physical application process to accommodate individuals with disabilities, as online-only options may not always be appropriate for everyone.”

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