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Austria’s inflation rate remains high despite the downward trend


VIENNA, April 20 (IANS) Growth in consumer prices slowed in Austria between January and March amid lower energy prices, but overall, inflation was still high, according to official data.

Data released by the Austrian Statistics Office showed that the inflation rate in Central Europe in March was 9.2 percent, down from 10.9 percent in February and 11.2 percent in January, as “fuel and heating oil prices fell sharply” compared to March 2022., reports Xinhua News Agency.

However, food product prices continued to grow sharply in March, marking an increase of 14.7 percent over the previous year.

Prices in the catering sector, including restaurants and hotels, rose 13.2 percent in March year on year.

In 2022, consumer prices in Austria will increase by an average of 8.6 percent, driven by higher energy prices.

This represents the highest annual inflation rate recorded in the country since 1975, according to Statistics Austria.

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