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Ash: ‘I’ll stick to my strengths rather than try to be like Cummins and Hazlewood’ says Mitchell Stark


LONDON, July 12 (IANS) Mitchell Starc has expressed his intention to build on his own strengths throughout the ongoing Ashes 2023 series, rather than trying to emulate the approach of players like Pat Cummins and change his own methods.

The 33-year-old got six at Lord’s to lead Australia to a 43-run victory. He backed it up with seven wickets in the Third Test at Headingley, including Fever in the second innings.

In Ashes 2019, Starc was mainly ignored due to his high economy rate. He only appeared for Manchester, leading the next two teams in the series, and took four wickets in the victory at Old Trafford, but felt it had a detrimental effect on his game, which continued on his return home.

“There was a lot of (emphasis on) economy rates last time that a lot of guys talked about throughout the tour, and we all bought into that. And that was something we really managed to hold the Ashes for at the time. But it definitely affected my style, going back to Australia and losing Some airspeed.”It took away some of my strengths and some of the part I had in our offense,” Starc was quoted by ESPNcricinfo as saying.

“I wasn’t going to change that this time, and if that means I didn’t play, then so be it. I was going to stick to my strengths and what I bring to offense rather than try to be someone like Josh Hazlewood or someone like Pat Cummins, because that wouldn’t complete the group.”

Starc Australia’s MVP in a three-way loss at Headingley on Sunday, claiming figures of 5-78. He removed Joe Root, Harry Brook and, crucially, Ben Stokes in the first over of the third day, before producing his trademark wings to dismantle Olly Bob’s stumps on the second day.

The 33-year-old also added fluctuating swings to his arsenal, which was not part of his armory in 2019, and has credited Cummins and Hazlewood with helping him develop his bowling.

“Finally listening to Pat and Josh, I think. They’re both great exponents of the wobbly streak or whatever you want to call it. Having been talking to them over the last few years and being able to add that string to my arc is something that helped me develop a game,” Stark said. bowling, not just someone who can swing or bowl fast.”

“Now I have another option to try and beat the bat both ways, or something [Sunday] It can be a small ball depending on who I’m bowling to, or where I’m bowling too. It’s nice to get some treats with her, especially here where conditions can sometimes [offer] Outside seam more than air. “

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