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AS Roma defeated Empoli! Terrible performance by the Poles [SKRÓT MECZU]


Sunday’s match in Rome had its favorite, but probably no one expected that the AS Roma – Empoli match would be so crazy. Already in the first minute, Walukiewicz made a fatal mistake in the penalty area. The Pole miscalculated the ball’s flight path and touched it with his hand. Without hesitation, the referee pointed to the eleven.

Hail of goals in Rome!

A quick goal only fueled Jose Mourinho’s players, who scored further goals. Bereszyński was involved in one of them. The right defender, wanting to kick the ball, hit his colleague, and instead of going outside the penalty area, the ball went into his own goal. Ultimately, Roma won 7-0. Nicola Zalewski spent the entire match on the bench.

However, Roma is only 12th in the league table (4 points), while Empoli is in 20th and last place without any points. In the 5th round, the Romans will play away against Torino (24/09, 8:45 p.m.), and their Sunday rivals will play against Inter (24/09, 12:30 p.m.).

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