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Anna Wendzikowska cheated on her partners. “I had a lot of honesty in me”


Anna Wendzikowska She mentioned unfaithful partners several times in interviews. The star talked about compromising photos of her partner that she allegedly received from third parties. So far, however, she has not decided to explain how she approaches betrayal and whether it has happened to her in the past.

Anna Wendzikowska in an interview with Żurnalist stated that betrayal is not always black and white and should be approached sensibly. The most important thing for her is honesty.

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Anna Wendzikowska cheated on her partners years ago. It’s about honesty

Anna Wendzikowska admitted that for years she had not been afraid of cheating in her relationship because her parents had always been a harmonious and exemplary couple.

Betrayal was never something I feared. My dad was staring at my mom like a picture. And I saw such love, adoration, such a relationship that I never chose playboy-type and cheating partners.


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