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Anna Lewandowska shared a birthday shot with her mother. She wished her well. “Such a daughter is a treasure”


Anna Lewandowska published a photo with her beloved mother. Maria Stachurska recently celebrated her birthday. Fans were delighted with the adorable shot.

Anna Lewandowska is active on social media. She has gathered almost six million followers on her Instagram profile who closely follow her activities. The fitness trainer often boasts about family shots. Recently she published a cute photo with her mother, Maria Stachurska . The woman celebrated a special occasion – her parent’s birthday. “Happy birthday, mom! I love you,” she wrote under the post in English. There were many compliments from observers in the comments.

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Anna Lewandowska posted a birthday photo with her mother. Fans delighted with the charming photo

Anna Lewandowska has often spoken about her mother. She often emphasized that Stachurska was a support and inspiration for those less fortunate. She raised her and her brother Piotr on her own. – (…) She is a warm, loving woman, and now a grandmother. He helps me a lot with the children. Even when we have tensions, they only last a short time. I respect her for staying with us at the worst moment of our lives, trying to smile, and shaping our moral spine – Lewandowska said honestly a few years ago in an interview with “Viva!”. The celebrity published a charming photo. There were many compliments from fans. “Such a daughter is a treasure”, “You are beautiful women”, “Lots of health and love for your mother”, “Which mother is she?” – we read under the post in the comments section. You can find more photos of mother and daughter in the gallery at the top of the page.

What does Anna Lewandowska’s mother do? Anna Stachurska is very successful

Few people know that Anna Lewandowska’s mother is very successful. Maria Stachurska can boast of quite a career. The woman has been active in the film industry since the 1980s. For a long time, she has been making various types of original documentaries and columns. In addition, she published two books: “Midwife. About my aunt Stanisława Leszczyńska” and “Transform everything into good”. It cannot be denied that Stachurska can boast of enormous artistic achievements. SEE ALSO: A regular T-shirt? And where! Anna Lewandowska showed up in a T-shirt for a lot of money

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